Working Out in Law School


Fitness — The condition of being physically fit and healthy.”
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

For February, I thought I’d focus my posts this month on some of my favorite things in a variety of areas.  For the first post, I decided to talk about my favorite ways to work out and maintain a fitness routine.  Yesterday was the first day of Lent, and every year, I personally enjoy taking on something during Lent instead of giving something up.  This year, I decided to work out regularly and start being a little healthier with my lifestyle. 

My first year of undergrad, I was on my school’s varsity field hockey team.  After a concussion and course scheduling issues stopped me from continuing to play, I took advantage of my school’s fitness classes to stay in shape.  However, law school has been a different story with my fitness journey.  I got in a big fitness kick second semester 1L year after not working out first semester.  I’ve gotten a little out of my habit but as I said previously, I’m getting back into the swing of working out regularly.

Working out is a great break from spending all of my time reading during the day, especially since law school makes you sit a lot throughout the day.  I find that I can focus more after a good workout, and working out helps me fall asleep quicker and stay asleep, which is important to be your best self.  I also find that my joints like me more when I am on a regular fitness schedule.

I personally enjoy taking fitness classes instead of just going to the gym and doing a lifting/cardio combo.  My favorites are Barre3, Pound, and spinning.  So if you’ve never heard of Barre3, it’s a mix of Pilates and yoga that involves utilizing a ballet barre (or a chair if you’re like me and work out at home) to help with balance.  I enjoy it because I can really feel my muscles strengthening and transforming while I’m going through a class.  To save money, I utilize the student discount through UNiDays because a month of the online subscription ends up being a few dollars more expensive than one class at the studios near me.  If you want to see what a class is like, they typically have free classes on Facebook on Fridays, and here’s a link for $15 off your first month of an online subscription. Another favorite class of mine is Pound, which utilizes weighted drumsticks to help build arm muscles while your lower body is typically in a squat for the majority of the class.  I have a DVD set that I use, which again is a lot cheaper than actual classes.  Some gyms have both of these classes, but gym memberships around me are pretty expensive so I don’t take advantage of them.

However, if you’re looking for some free (or essentially free) options, don’t despair.  Most law schools allow you to utilize the student gyms that you pay for with your tuition or other fees.  My school also has some classes that are free as well.  I also super enjoy taking walks in the town around my apartment or even to Starbucks (gotta reward myself somehow).  I like to track how far I walk or run using MapMyRun or another similar app.  That way, I can see my statistics regarding my walk and see my progress over a period of time.

What are your favorite ways to work out, and what fitness classes should I try out?

January Obsessions


Obsession — An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.” 
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

Contrary to the popular meme going around that January has felt like it has more than 70 days in it, I feel like it was New Year’s Day like last week. But now that the month is over, here's a recap of my favorite things!

1.  Freschetta Gluten Free Three Cheese Pizza.  Pizza is one of my favorite and go-to foods.  Since I eat gluten free, it’s sometimes hard to find pizza that’s gluten free and yummy.  I decided to try this kind because of a rebate on Ibotta (click this link for $10 when you sign up and redeem your first rebate!).  But I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be really good.  Typically the cheese on frozen pizzas doesn’t get all melty like it does when you get freshly made pizza.  However, the cheese on this pizza melts perfectly and gives you that straight from the pizza parlor taste without having to worry about cross-contamination with gluten.

2.  The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine.  So this book was Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick for December.  I figured that since I love the movies she picks to be a part of so I concluded that I would love the books she picks.  And this one did not disappoint me.  I read over half of the book in one night, and my mom read the whole book in one day (we’re fast readers, but don’t let that fool you).  I wanted to finish the book to know how it ended, but didn’t want it to end because I was engrossed.  It’s kinda on the same page as Gone Girl as it’s a suspense novel, but I think the story is way more engrossing.  If you ever find yourself envying someone whose life you think is perfect, you’ll find this book very intriguing.

3.  Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm.  I’ve wanted to try this out ever since I heard some of my favorite beauty YouTubers talk about it.  So when Ulta had the Clinique holiday sets on sale and this was in one, I had to buy it.  This is a balm that you rub on your eyes and face to clean off your makeup.  It’s super gentle and takes off my mascara and other eye makeup really easily.  I highly recommend this if makeup remover wipes aren’t really your favorite.

4.  Home Again.  I realize that this is the second thing related to Reese Witherspoon, but I told you I love the movies she’s in.  Home Again came out in theatres in September, but it just came out on Redbox so I decided to watch it when my mom came to visit me.  This movie was definitely a chick flick but it’s very heartwarming and a cute story.  It’s about finding what makes you happy, and there’s definitely some cute guys in it too.

5.  House Flip with Chip and Jo.  One of my favorite shows on television is Fixer Upper because I absolutely love Joanna’s style (shout out to Target for its collab with them).  And this game lets you flip houses with them and try to earn the most profits on your renovated home.  Right now, there’s not a lot of design options, but they just released the game in the fall so they’re still adding a lot of features.  And the best part of the game is there’s really no time limit on things so it doesn’t take up a lot of time that I could be doing other things.

What have been your favorite products this month?  I’d really love to hear about it so I can check them out!
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