December Obsessions


Obsession — An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.”
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

Happy New Year!  Before we get too far into 2019, I wanted to share what caught my eye during the last month of 2018.  Between finals, vacation, and the holidays, this month went by so quickly that I’m surprised that I could find things to talk about!

1.  Life of the Party.  Melissa McCarthy has been one of my favorite actresses since her days playing Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, and her transition to the big screen did not disappoint.  I know this film came out in theaters a few months ago, but I always wait until a film is at the library or on Redbox when I can watch it without paying a lot.  Her latest film reminds me a lot of House Bunny, where a down on her luck leading lady goes to college to try something new and in the process reinvents herself and has some great fun as well.  The major difference in the movies is that Melissa’s character goes back to finish her senior year, where she joins her daughter at college.  This movie was hilarious and even my dad liked it (who typically hates the movies my mom and I pick out to watch).

2.  Fuller House Season 4 (Netflix).  I probably write about this every single there’s a new season of Fuller House that Netflix releases but I really did enjoy this season of Fuller House.  I loved Stephanie and Kimmy’s storyline and how close they became.  Of course, Juan Pablo as Fernando stole most of the show and I didn’t feel as though the writers attempted to have the rest of the original cast come back every episode as it seemed they would with Season 3’s ending.  Honestly, as long as Netflix keeps making seasons of Fuller House, I’ll keep watching.  Bonus:  Netflix released a New Year’s special episode that I’m holding on to watch so I don’t miss the Tanner-Fuller gang for so long until the next season.

3.  The Dew Edit Scrunchies.  Kaitlyn Bristowe is probably one of my favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants (besides Jason and Blake because have you seen them??).  She started a line of scrunchies this year that definitely bring back all of the vibes of the 1990s/early 2000s, and I’m so here for it.  I finally got my hands on a navy velvet one from her Winter edit and it lived up to my expectations.  I love how cute it looks topping off my messy buns and how it is kinder to my hair than normal hair ties.  She’s hinted her newest edit will come out in February so sign up for her newsletter if you want to snag one!

4.  Victor and Roth Bon Bon Perfume.  Prada Candy has been my go to perfume since I got it last year for Christmas so I haven’t been looking for a new scent lately.  But the salespeople at Ulta recommended that scent to my mom, and she bought it for me for Christmas.  It’s more of a sweeter scent, like Prada Candy, but is a little more grown-up.  Definitely a good one to check out if you’re looking for a new perfume.

5.  kate spade new york burgess street hazel.  Another kate spade bag, I know, I know.  I’ve looked for a statement handbag for a few months, and this one kept popping up but I couldn’t justify spending full price on this beauty.  Kate Spade had an End of the Year sale, where this bag was on sale for over half off so of course, I had to buy it.  I love the rose gold color of this bag and the sparkles covering this bag.  Even though it’s more of a statement handbag, I’ve been using it as an everyday cross body and I love it!  If you’re looking for something to spend your gift money on, I’d suggest checking this one out!

And of course, my final obsession was the year 2018.  While it was a stressful one, I’ve had some great opportunities that have shown me that I’m on the right career path and have just been fun.  I hope you all had a great 2018 and that you all have an amazing 2019!

Christmas Vacation


Vacation - “a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation.”
-      Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

I’m going to Disney World for Christmas!  You have no idea how excited I am to be typing those words.  I have wanted to experience Christmastime at Disney World for years but had never been able to convince my dad to go.  But finally, because of my internship schedule this summer, we didn’t go on a family vacation after last year ended or this semester started so we decided to go at Christmastime.  And I cannot wait until we’re there!

Our original plan was to stay at the Wilderness Lodge because it’s one of our favorite hotels on property and its Christmas decorations are beautiful!  However, there was a pretty good sale on rooms at the Grand Floridian, and it’s on the monorail so for our short trip, it’ll be easier and quicker to get around so we’re not wasting a lot of time travelling.  And it has a gingerbread house in the lobby so that’s always a win at Christmastime!

Since this is our first trip during the holiday celebrations, we’re planning on spending more time experiencing all of the holiday decorations and festivities.  I’m so excited to see this stuff and get in the Christmas spirit!

·         Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – So this is one of the main events at Walt Disney World during Christmas, when you actually get to see snow on Main Street in Magic Kingdom.  The parade that takes place during the party is the one that ABC shows Christmas morning, which I watch every single year so it’s so cool that we get to see it in person.  Also, I’m excited for the stage shows and getting to see special characters you don’t get to see any other time of the year.
·         Candlelight Processional – The second of the main Christmas events at Walt Disney World is the Candlelight Processional (fun fact: Walt Disney actually started this tradition at Disneyland when Disneyland first opened in 1955).  This show has a live choir and orchestra while a celebrity narrator tells the story of Jesus’ birth.  I’m so excited to see this because I’ve heard from many people that it’s a beautiful show.  We also decided to do a Candlelight Processional dining package so we get reserved seating for the show because people have waited for hours to see the show.
·         Jingle Cruise – If you didn’t know about Disney World’s Christmas decorations, it actually puts a Christmas overlay on the Jungle Cruise ride!  Instead of the normal punny jokes the skippers tell during the ride, they’re all Christmas themed punny jokes.  I cannot wait to ride this and see how it compares to the normal ride.
·         Toy Story Land – Probably the most exciting thing that I get to see this trip!  I have loved the Toy Story movies for basically my entire life, and yes I did cry in theaters while watching Toy Story 3.  Toy Story Mania is one of my mom and I’s favorite rides at Disney World so I’m hoping the new rides live up to its greatness.  We’re also planning on eating at Woody’s Lunchbox for a quick dinner when we’re at Hollywood Studios.  I’ve also seen the characters are all dressed up for Christmas and that’s adorable.
·         Animal Kingdom At Night – For the longest time, Animal Kingdom closed around 5 pm so I never saw it at night.  But recently (okay maybe within the last few years), the park’s hours were changed so it closes a lot later and they’ve added lights and more evening entertainment.  We always went to Animal Kingdom in the morning, but this year, we planned our FastPasses for later in the afternoon/evening.  I’m super excited to see how Pandora glows during the nighttime and all throughout the park.
·         Christmas Decorations – While all of the things I’ve mentioned so far are super exciting, the Christmas decorations around the resort are probably the most exciting thing we get to see while we’re in Disney this trip.  I know Disney spends so much time and money on decorating the parks and I cannot wait to see them in person.  I feel like once I see the decorations I’ll totally be in the Christmas mood and will not want to go home (not that I ever do). 

You can probably tell, but I’m so excited for this trip because it’s so different than all of the other trips I’ve taken to Disney World before since it’s gonna be during the holiday season!  Of course, I’ll take lots of pictures and post a trip recap when I get back!  If you’ve been at Disney during the Christmas/holiday season before, let me know what your favorite things to do are.  I’m always looking for suggestions!
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