FabFitFun Summer 2018 Box


Summer — The season between spring and autumn comprising in the northern hemisphere usually the months of June, July, and August or as reckoned astronomically extending from the June solstice to the September equinox.
-Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

If it wasn’t for the heat during the summer, I’d definitely pick it as one of my favorite seasons.  I love how it’s sunny until 9 pm, being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt, and so much more.  I have high hopes for summer boxes and I have to say that this box lived up to my expectations.  So read along to hear my thoughts on the products in this season’s FabFitFun box (and check out the end for a coupon code)!

Summer & Rose Beach Towel in Palms (retail value:  $55.00)

Summer = beach and pool time.  A beach towel is a perfect addition to a summer box, and these towels are adorable.  This towel is made out of microfiber and is super soft so even though I don’t have a pool to go to every day, I’ll definitely get use out of this towel.  FabFitFun gave subscribers a choice between two different patterned towels and two different patterned makeup cases.  I chose the towel since I already have favorite makeup cases, and the palm pattern one is so colorful and cute.

ERTH TU Y TO Ring (retail value:  $55.00)

So the quality of some pieces of jewelry FabFitFun includes in their boxes can be a little questionable.  However, this ring definitely stands out as one of my favorites.  My birthday is in June so pearl is one of my birthstones.  I love wearing it as a middle finger ring, but since the ring is adjustable, it can fit any one of my fingers and look cute.  The gold band goes perfectly with the freshwater pearls on each side.  The best part is I’ve worn it multiple times and it hasn’t tarnished even though I’ve washed and lotioned my hands prior to putting this ring on.

tarte tarteist™ PRO to go palette & sex kitten liquid liner (retail value:  $43.00)

When I heard tarte was going to be in this box, I was super excited.  Select members had two options of tarte products:  the tarte tarteist™ pro glow highlight and contour palette or this eyeshadow palette and eyeliner set.  I really had a hard time picking between the two products since they’re both great choices.  To help my decision, I checked them both out at Ulta and decided on the eye set.  I’m happy with my decision because this eyeshadow palette is great; the shadows are creamy and blendable and look beautiful on the eyes.  I’m not big on liquid eyeliner, but it’s nice to know that I have it if I want to use it.  Another huge plus of this palette is it smells like chocolate.

Maji Sports Loop Resistance Band (retail value:  $15.00)

All FabFitFun members had a choice between this resistance band, a face rejuvenator, and a small wallet.  I like receiving new workout pieces in my boxes since it’s not something I would personally spend my money on if it didn’t come in the box.  This is a really good quality loop resistance band, and FabFitFunTV has videos which utilize this workout tool.  This is a great addition to my workout equipment collection.

ORLANDO PITA PLAY™ Atmos-Shield® Hair Protectant Treatment Spray (retail value:  $34.00)

Select members had a choice between this hair protection spray and an enzyme peel.  I have sensitive skin so I don’t typically use harsh products on my skin and why I chose not to pick the face peel.  This spray definitely does what it claims to do.  After I’ve dried my hair on high heat with this spray on it, my hair wasn’t extremely hot like it normally is after I use high heat on it.  It also leaves my hair smelling great, which is an extra plus.

FOREO LUNA fofo (retail value:  $89.00)

This was the big ticket item in the summer box.  I was super excited about getting this to add to my skin care routine.  Out of all of the items I’ve received in my boxes, I’d definitely say that this is one that isn’t overvalued.  This product has two distinct features:  (1) a cleansing brush that doesn’t need new brush heads every so many months and (2) a sensing mechanism that determines the moisture levels in your skin and your skin’s age relative to your age.  The second feature relies on an app to display the results.  While the second feature seems to be a tad unreliable, the first feature is what really has made this product stand out to me.  I’ve found that the prevalence of pimples and other blemishes have been reduced and my skin feels super soft after I use it.  I’d definitely recommend trying out the disposable version if you want to see how this works.

COOLA Face Sport SPF 50 White TeaMoisturizer (retail value:  $32.00)

In addition to having sensitive skin, I also have very pale skin so sunscreen is a must for me.  I really like this sunscreen even if the price tag is super steep for a facial sunscreen.  A lot of sunscreens make my face and eyes irritated, but this one did not.  I also thought it protected my skin well as it should with SPF 50.  If you’re looking for a good moisturizer with sunscreen, this one would be a good one for you, even if it is a tad bit expensive.

Pier 1 Imports Marble Ring Dish (retail value:  $14.99)

Pier 1 is definitely one of my favorite stores.  A lot of furniture and decorations in my apartment are from there so I definitely was excited to see something from Pier 1 in the box.  This ring dish fits squarely within my apartment aesthetic.  I have it on my nightstand, and it’s a great place to keep my jewelry that I wear on a daily basis so I know where it is.

Sponsored Charity:  Wildlife Conservation Society

The sponsored charity for the summer box is the Wildlife Conservation Society.  They included a paper straw to help reduce or curb your plastic use.

Total Retail Value:  $337.99

Overall, I was super impressed with this box curation.  I definitely think FabFitFun is stepping up their game recently and I like the direction they are going.  All of the products in this box are super practical for me and will definitely be used frequently.  If you want to try out a FabFitFun box, use this link to get $10 off your first box!

June Obsessions


Obsession — An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.”
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

June is definitely my favorite month out of the year, specifically because it’s my birthday month!  And I found some great gems this past month that made it even better!

1.  The Elizas by Sara Shepard.  Yes, I am one of those people who think the Pretty Little Liars books are better than the tv series.  And I definitely enjoy the rest of Sara Shepard’s books.  This one gave me some Gillian Flynn vibes, but not as creepy.  There’s two parallel storylines and a somewhat predictable twist, but I definitely could not put this book down.  I’d recommend it if you like psychological thrillers and want a quick read.

2.  Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher.  If this drink wasn’t so expensive, I’d probably drink it every single day.  It has the perfect amount of sweetness, but it’s not too sweet if sweet drinks aren’t your thing.  Like the name suggests, it has a hint of mango and tastes mainly what I assume dragonfruit tastes like, since I’ve never actually had it before.  Also, the bright purple color makes for some great pictures.

3.  I Want That Wedding!.  TLC wedding shows are some of my go to shows.  I used to like Four Weddings, but I got turned off by the constant competition surrounding weddings.  However, this show lets you see multiple different weddings, but no competition is involved.  The show starts with a couple who has different views of what they want and how much they want to spend on a wedding.  The couple then attends three weddings fitting each of their requirements and determines which wedding they want for themselves.  This show definitely gets a thumbs up from me!  Mark this on your calendar on Saturdays at 9 pm.

4.  tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer.  Raise your hand if you’re a pale gal like myself.  Since it’s summer, I thought I’d try out some of tarte’s bronzing/tanning products.  While I haven’t delved into their self-tanner as much as I want to give a good review, I have been using the bronzer a lot.  I absolutely love this bronzer.  It gives me the perfect sunkissed glow without making me look orange.  I’ve been using the Sonia Kashuk blush brush, which I got in a Target Beauty Box, and it’s a perfect duo.

5.  Take Two.  I’m actually watching this show as I’m writing this review.  I super enjoy shows where someone who has no background in law enforcement/private investigation helps a serious professional solve crimes.  This show is in a similar vein to Castle (one of my favorite shows) and Deception (I’m still not over it being cancelled).  I also like Rachel Bilson shows, even if she does overact a tad.  It’s on Thursday nights at 10 pm on ABC.

6.  (Bonus!) Nordstrom Lingerie Waffle Knit Short Robe.  If you’ve ever stayed at one of the deluxe hotels in Disney World, then you likely know how amazing the robes in the rooms are.  I’ve wanted one for a few years now, but the ones in the gift shop are not the same.  So after I found this one at Nordstrom, I knew I had to have it.  Thankfully, my mom gave it to me for my birthday and I love it.  It’s the perfect length and so comfortable for after showers.  I’d recommend going a size up if you want it nice and roomy.

What amazing finds did you make this past month?  Let me know so I can check them out!

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