What's In My Bag? Walt Disney World


Must-have — Something that is essential to have or obtain."
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

Since I enjoyed writing about what's in my bag for my internship, I thought I'd share what I typically bring with me to the Disney parks.  Some of these things are recent additions to my Disney essentials, but I think they're definitely things that will make your trip so much fun!

The Bag Itself

Clearly I love Longchamp bags because I use a Longchamp backpack when I'm in the parks.  I like using a small backpack for the parks because it fits a lot of items but isn't too heavy to carry around all day.  This bag is also perfect for packing because it folds up into a small square that can easily fit into your carry-on when you're traveling to the parks.  The only downside, much like it's larger counterparts is the lack of pockets in it.  It does have one relatively big pocket in the front which is great for fitting your phone, but that's the only pocket.

My Essential Items

Minnie Mouse Ears
No trip to a Disney park would be complete without some sort of Disney related headgear.  I personally have two different pairs of Minnie ears:  one from the Disney Parks and another pair I specially ordered from Aloha Ears Designs.  The Disney Parks pair is one that a lot of people have so I like that I know have a pair that are different than everyone else’s.  Pro Tip # 1: Make sure you take your ears off before going on thrill rides, like Splash Mountain, or you just might lose them, like my dad did!

Maps, In Park Activities, Pins
This one is definitely helpful if (1) it's one of your first times to the parks and (2) you have kids or are a kid at heart.  The Disney parks are huge so maps can definitely come in handy if you need to know where the closest bathroom is (I now know where they are all from when I was younger lol) or you just want to find Splash Mountain.  The My Disney Experience app also works because it has an interactive map that can even give you step by step directions to anywhere in Disney World.  Pro Tip # 2:  Maps can also be a great way of helping you remember what you've done during your trip as a travel log!

Since Disney World was built as a place where kids and adults can both have fun, there's no shortage of activities for everyone, like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Wilderness Explorers, and pin trading.  I personally partake in all three of these activities so I carry all of those essentials in my bag during my trip.  Pro Tip # 3:  Disney pins are a lot cheaper on eBay than in the parks so buy them ahead of time to save some money!  Pro Tip # 4:  The in park games can be continued over multiple trips so if you don't collect all of your Wilderness Explorer badges during one trip, bring your book back for your next trip!

Phone Essentials
Since smartphones are now like mini-computers, digital cameras, and camcorders all in one, having various phone accessories is a necessity.  I like to carry a portable charger in case my phone dies while I'm in the park.  Two recent additions to my phone accessories are a phone stabilizer to take videos of new attractions and experiences and an iPhone USB drive to offload all of my pictures and videos.

Water Bottle
Florida is hot.  And when it's hot, it's important to keep hydrated while in Disney World.  I like to bring a plastic water bottle that I fill up with water and ice before I leave for the parks.  Pro Tip # 5:  Disney Resorts sell cases of water at some of the merchandise locations at the resort and it's a lot cheaper than buying a water bottle in the parks!  Pro Tip # 6:  Quick Service restaurants in the parks will give you a cup of ice water when you ask for it!

Pro Tip # 7:  Disney Parks do not sell gum at all as to not have chewed gum all over the park.  So if you're like me and need gum, bring your own.

Sun care is a must, especially during the summer.  I lather myself in so much sunscreen when I go to Disney and always bring more with me to the parks to reapply.  A lot of Disney attractions take place indoors so the sun seems extra brutal when you walk outside.  I always put them on right after getting off a ride.

Instant Camera
I just recently got this for my birthday and it's a total throwback to the old, clunky Polaroid cameras.  This one isn't as bulky, but still gives the old school vibe to the pictures it prints automatically.  This is great for still photos, like of Cinderella’s Castle or the Tree of Life, and it looks super cute when you carry it around the parks!

Shower Sheets
Walking around Disney World can make you hot and sweaty so shower sheets or something similar is a definite must to wipe off all of the sweat or to clean yourself up a little before you grab a bite to eat.  WetOnes or baby wipes can also do the trick.

Blondegalese Turns 1!


Birthday— A day of origin.
-Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

I honestly cannot believe that I started my blog one year ago!  It doesn’t even seem possible that I have already started and finished my first year of law school and am almost done with my first law school externship.  Looking back on my blogging experience, one of the biggest things I’ve learned is the importance of planning to keep up with posting.  Keeping a list of potential blog topics is extremely helpful.  Also, for those of you starting law school or college or really just want to have an outlet to write about your experiences, go for it and start a blog!  All it takes is drive, a little creativity, and a computer.  Readers and followers will come as you go along, and I honestly can’t believe I even have the amount of views on my blog I do.

To commemorate one full year of my blog, here are some of blondegalese’s stats for the past year!

Total Blog Views:  11,845

Blog Posts: 29

Most Viewed Blog Post:  How to Bluebook (1110 views!)

Bloglovin’ Followers:  60

Twitter Followers:  152

Instagram Followers:  49

Where You Guys are From!:    United States
                                                     United Kingdom

Lastly, I really just wanted to thank all of my readers for following along on my 1L journey.  When I started my blog, I didn’t know if anyone would actually read what I had to say, and clearly you guys have since you’ve kept reading over the past year.  And thank you to all of the other law school bloggers who have been so kind and check them out below if you want to read some other great law school blogs!  Here’s to blondegalese’s first year and to many more to come!

Planning a Disney Vacation


Planning — the act or process of making or carrying out plans.”
-Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

As I stated in my previous Disney World post, planning a Disney vacation is one of my favorite things to do.  Even when I'm not planning a vacation soon, I still like to check out what's new and the sales going on for the Resort.  Planning a Disney vacation can get a little overwhelming, especially when it's your first time going.  Something my parents and I always do when planning a Disney trip is use a travel agent.  It doesn't cost extra, but they stay on top of your relevant documents for your trip and can help you get the best deal on rooms and flights!  And now, here's my advice on planning your own Disney vacation!

When to Go

Planning when to go is probably one of the most critical things to figure out when planning a Disney trip is the time of year you go.  As of last year, the ticket prices vary based on the different periods, such as Value, Regular, and Peak seasons.  These seasons depend on the usual amount of guests which visit the park each year.  More guests = higher prices for tickets.  The same goes for hotel rooms, which can vary as much as $100 and even more throughout the year.  Disney also puts on various sales throughout the year, like their Summer room sale, free dining plans in the fall, etc.  Typically the only time of the year that may not have a sale is during the Winter holiday season, so that's one of the most expensive times of the year to go as it's also a Peak season. 

Another reason that timing is everything rests solely on the shoulders of Florida weather.  Florida is always pretty warm, compared to the Northeast part of America.  My trips to Disney World have fallen in the periods from the middle of May to the end of October. One thing that has been pretty consistent between all of those trips is the consistent afternoon rain that happens almost every day in Florida.  Obviously, it's a lot warmer during the middle of the summer, and temperatures can get over 100.  Although it gets very warm during the day in the summer, my parents and I typically go to the parks in the morning and at night when it's cooler and a lot of the families with little kids aren't in the parks.

Where to Stay

Personally, I suggest staying on a Disney property, even given the price of the hotels.  There are a lot of perks that Disney resort guests get that staying off property doesn't get you.  One of the big ones for me are the Extra Magic Hours at a different park every day.  What Extra Magic Hours mean is that resort guests get to go into the park an hour early or stay two hours late at the park, which are prime times for riding those hot “E” ticket rides.  Resort guests also get to book their FastPass+ selections 60 days prior to arrival, where everyone staying off property can only book their FastPasses 30 days in advance.  Another big benefit my family takes full advantage of when we go to Disney:  transportation.  Staying on property means you don't have to drive yourself everywhere and parking isn't an issue.  

Although all Disney resorts provide transportation to and from the parks, some resorts have slight advantages in this regard.  Some hotels are closer to specific parks and areas of Disney so it helps to anticipate where you might spend most of your time when in the parks.  However, being closer to a specific park means a more expensive hotel.  The most expensive hotels fall into the category of Deluxe hotels, followed by the Moderate hotels and the Value resorts.  Just because some hotels are less expensive than others doesn't mean that they don't have a lot of the same amenities as more expensive hotels.  The most expensive set of hotels are on the Magic Kingdom monorail loop, but they are the most luxurious of the resorts and get you to Magic Kingdom in less than 10 minutes. 

What to Bring

Just as important as where to stay and when to go are the things you should bring with you to Disney.  I have a long list of things I bring on vacation almost every year, but there are a special few that are must haves for Disney.  In regards to clothing, I'd suggest anything lightweight and quick drying.  Florida heat can be brutal all year round so lightweight clothes help to keep you cool.  A lot of rides at Disney involve water so having clothes that won't stay wet for hours are an essential.  Comfortable shoes are also a requirement since the average person walks about 10 miles a day while at Disney World.  Ponchos, umbrellas, or rain jackets are also a must since it rains a lot in Florida and at a moment’s notice too.  Also, a nicer outfit is good to pack if you're planning on eating at a fancier restaurant.

A lot of essentials are available at the parks so I don't like to bring too much extra, like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a hair dryer that are all available in your room. My parents and I do like to bring our own snacks since everything at Disney is pricey and you can get it much cheaper at home.

What to Plan on Doing


Dining at Disney World is one of my favorite things about going to Disney World; the food there is amazing!  Much like everything else in Disney World, there are three different levels of restaurants:  quick service, table service, and signature dining.  Quick service restaurants are quite literally like what they're named.  You order at a counter, and your food is made relatively quick.  Table service restaurants are your typical sit down restaurants, where a server takes your order and are a more formalized meal.  Signature dining restaurants are essentially table service restaurants with a higher price point.  Some have a more formalized dress code than other table services and are a lot more fancy.  When I got to Disney, I usually eat at a variety of the three.  I particularly think that quick service restaurants at hotels are the best for quick and affordable breakfasts so you can splurge a little more on dinner. 

Parks, Shopping, and More

Now that I've been to Disney World a multitude of times, I don't feel the need to spend the whole day in the parks.  But when I do go to the parks, I like to get my FastPasses for the rides I view as must sees, like the rides new since the last time I went and some of my  old favorites that always bring long lines.  We usually try to hit any other rides when there's shorter lines: during parades, the fireworks, and any shows.  Something that makes Disney better than other parks to me is the sheer amount of different experiences.  If you're not into thrill rides, you can still enjoy your time at the parks with the wide variety of boat rides, theater shows, character meet and greets, and the list goes on.  If you love the thrills, there's plenty of rides that will cater to your interests as well, like my personal least favorite, Tower of Terror.

In addition to all of the rides, there's plenty of shopping as well.  Downtown Disney just underwent a multi-year renovation into Disney Springs, a shopping and dining district on Disney property.  It has so many wonderful shops that you could definitely blow your budget there.  There's plenty of shops with Disney merch as well.  Pretty much every hotel has at least one souvenir shop and every park probably has at least 20 so you'll never be far from a shop selling the cutest Minnie Mouse ears. 

Outside of all of the Disney related goodness, there's also a lot of other activities as well.  There are three different full service spas that will definitely make you forget you're in Disney World, fishing expeditions, a miniature golf course, three actual golf courses, and a variety of water sports you can participate in as well.  I'd definitely recommend any of these for a special occasion; the spa’s my favorite. 

So that's my brief overview of how to plan a Disney vacation.  I'm sure I could think of more tips and tricks from my times at the parks, so let me know if you want more!

What's In My Bag? - Internship


Must-have — something that is essential to have or obtain
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

I love reading about or watching videos about what is in people’s bags.  It’s always interesting to see what things people find to be must haves or what they can’t go anywhere without.  Without further ado, here’s what’s in my bag for my summer internship.

The Bag Itself

As a lot of people do, I find the best bag for carrying a good amount of stuff without being a backpack is a Longchamp Nylon Bag.  I personally have both the Medium and Large sizes in Navy, and they are my absolute favorite.  The Large size is the perfect size for lugging around essentials for school and work, and the Medium is great when you don’t need as much.  I really like the way only the accents of the bag are leather so it holds up in the rain and be cleaned when dirty relatively easy.  One of the only downsides to this bag is that there is only one pocket in the whole bag so it’s hard to keep things organized if you don’t have a pencil case or a bag organizer.

My Essential Items

The Bluebook
This seems kind of silly that I would include the Bluebook on this list, but I definitely think it’s an essential for legal interns to bring with you to work.  For me, I use it when citing cases in the opinions and other documents I work on.  It’s also one of the things that was heavily emphasized bringing to a judicial internship during my orientation.

Ever since my first day at my internship when I got stuck in the rain, I’ve carried an umbrella in my bag.  I typically have to walk from my building to my ride every day so it saves my nice clothes from getting messed up.  Also, a cute umbrella is always a great accessory to carry.

I got my portfolio for free through one of the clubs I was in during undergrad.  However, it’s the perfect size to keep all of my important paperwork for my internship.  It also came with a notepad, which is something I use on a daily basis when I take notes on the cases I’m working on.  And it looks more professional when going into meetings with clients or other important people.

Water Bottle
My bkr bottle from my summer FabFitFun box has become one of my favorite essentials.  I take it to work with me every day and it’s a great way to keep hydrated.  The bottle also keeps water pretty cold all day, which is great after a long day in the courtroom.

I think I have gone through so many packs of mints since I started my internship it isn’t funny.  Since I see a lot of attorneys and other people I want to make a good impression on, I eat mints so my breath is fresh and doesn’t smell like the lunch I just ate.  Also, they’re a great way to wake you up when you’re a little tired in the morning and need a little refresher in the morning.

Since I am working in chambers this summer, the closest computer I have access to is the one in the law library in the courthouse.  However, the judge I am interning with works in the building next to the courthouse so it would be really impractical to walk back and forth every time I needed to use a computer.  So in addition to everything else I drag along to court with me, I bring my laptop to work on my assignments in my judge's chambers.

Even though the summer heat is so strong, the air conditioning in chambers is the complete opposite.  I usually am freezing so a sweater is a must have when I’m not wearing a blazer.  I love this one from Banana Republic because it’s the perfect weight for the summer that keeps you warm in the air conditioning but isn’t too warm that it makes you sweat.

Last but certainly not least are the pair of flats I keep in my bag every day.  Parking where I work is at a premium so I typically grab a ride with a family friend to and from work.  However, that means I have to walk to and from the parking garage so flats are definitely a must.  I usually wear heels every day to court so flats are a necessity when walking back and forth.  My favorites are these suede ones from J.Crew Factory (I have multiple colors).

What internship essentials am I missing that you absolutely adore?

I'm Going to Disney World!


Vacation - “a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation.”
Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

Every time I tell someone where I'm going on vacation this year, I feel like I just won the Super Bowl.  But honestly, this will be my twelfth trip to Disney World on vacation so I get this feeling a lot.  I just love Disney World and am so glad my parents indulge my desires to go.  Every year I celebrate my birthday there since it's in the summer, but this year I also get to celebrate being done with my first year of law school and being 1/3 of a lawyer!

Because of my love for all things Walt Disney World, I thought I'd share my experiences there this summer on my blog.  And I know what probably everyone is thinking, “What does a 20-something do while on vacation at Disney World?”  Well, I plan on sharing that with you on here, as well as my reviews about some of the new experiences that opened recently.  Also, for some health reasons, I eat a gluten free diet, but this is the first time I'm going to Disney World since I started a gluten free diet so I'll also be including my reviews of those dining options and snack options as well from my experience there.  I can't wait to tell you guys all about my trip and what I thought about everything.  Feel free to reach out and let me know if there's anything you would like to see me try and I will definitely attempt to do it.

This trip, I'm lucky enough to be staying at my all-time favorite resort at Disney World, the Grand Floridian.  It's probably the most beautiful hotel I've ever stayed at, and the amenities are amazing.  It's one of the most expensive hotels there, and there's definitely a reason for that.  My parents and I love the grounds of the hotel too and could definitely spend an entire day relaxing around the resort.  And the restaurants there have some of the best food on property.

We aren't really big Universal people, so we haven’t been there since I was three but it’s really okay with me.  That means we spend our time visiting the four Disney parks, going to Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs), and relaxing at our hotel.  So many new things have opened since I was there last (two years ago) and I really would love to see as many of them as I can.  Some of those experiences include:

  • -- Pandora:  World of Avatar (we have a FastPass for Flight of Passage and I absolutely cannot wait for the new counter service restaurant, which seems like it’s very similar to Chipotle)
  • -- The Music of Disney/Pixar Live – this limited time show is a compilation of songs from Pixar movies being performed by a live orchestra, accompanies by visits from some of the movies’ stars!
  • -- Geyser Point Bar and Grill – this new counter service restaurant is located at my second favorite hotel at Disney World, the Wilderness Lodge.  It just opened in February and I’ve been not so patiently waiting for their grilled shrimp since I first saw the menu.  And since it sits right on Bay Lake, the views are amazing!
  • -- Soarin’ Around the World – I went on the original Soarin’ Over California right after it opened in 2005 and it instantly became one of my favorite rides so I’m super excited to see the new film and hopefully it lives up to the original film.
  • -- Frozen Ever After – So as a hardcore Disney World fan, the overlay of IP in Epcot is not my favorite thing, but I’m giving this ride a chance since I have heard it is a pretty cute ride.
  • -- Meet Olaf, Joy, and Sadness – Seeing characters is definitely something people think only children enjoy, but that’s not the case for me!  I love getting to see the new characters at Disney World and I haven’t seen Olaf or Joy and Sadness (from Inside Out) yet so I’m so excited.
I know that seems like a lot of things to see, but I would definitely be happy if I see about half of them.  And I’ve been to Disney so many times before that it’s okay if I don’t see everything I have before.  Confession time:  I've never actually had a Dole Whip so that is also a must-do for me this trip!

If you’ve been to Disney World before, what are your favorite must sees?

FabFitFun Summer 2017 Box


Summer — The season between spring and autumn comprising in the northern hemisphere usually the months of June, July, and August or as reckoned astronomically extending from the June solstice to the September equinox.

-Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

Two weeks ago marked the official start of summer so that means it’s officially time for a new FabFitFun box!  If you haven’t heard about FabFitFun before, it’s a quarterly subscription box that comes with about 7-10 full size items, all for $49.99 a quarter, but if you click this link, you’ll get $10 off your first box!  And trust me, it’s a great deal.  To see the types of items you can get in the box, check out my prior unboxings.  This box even had an AR component with the FabFitFun app that you can see below.  So, without further ado, here’s my review of the Summer 2017 FabFitFun box!

Michael Stars Ruana in Batik Print (retail value:  $54.00)

For the past two FabFitFun boxes I’ve received, there has been some type of shaw/blanket/wrap, and this summer is not an exception.  I’ve really wanted to buy a kimono type piece for a while now so getting one in this box was great.  Since it was one of the annual members’ select items, I got to pick between three different colors and, of course, I chose blue.  It matches perfectly with my bathing suit and can be used in multiple different ways as a dress, wrap, scarf, and more.  It’s super thin and soft and it’s not too long for a short girl like me.  Michael Stars also partnered with the Joyful Heart Foundation to donate a percentage of the proceeds to help sexual abuse and domestic violence victims as their charity for the season.  I will definitely be getting so much use out of it when I go on vacation!

BKR Little – 500 mL Water Bottle in Rosy(retail value:  $35.00)

This might be my absolute favorite item in this season’s box.  I bring it to my internship almost every day.  It’s the perfect size to carry around in your bag, and best of all, your water stays cold for a lot longer than in other water bottles.  This item was one of the items Select members could choose their color of, and I am so happy with my choice of the bright pink.  It’s so summery and super fun.  I’d definitely recommend purchasing ice cube trays that make skinny ice cubes because traditional ice cubes won’t fit through the mouth of this water bottle.  I found mine at Walmart, but you can also find them at Amazon!

Kris Nations Mystic Bar Necklace in Peach Moonstone (retail value:  $58.00)

FabFitFun seems to always include a piece of jewelry in their boxes.  This item was the last of the select items that annual members could pick a color for.  I choose the peach colored stones because I thought it would go with more of what I typically wear.  Personally, I love dainty necklaces, but this one might be a little too dainty for me.  The stones are pretty tiny and don’t really stand out against the chain of the necklace.  However, it’s been growing on me as it would be a great layering necklace with some of my other dainty necklaces.

Understated Leather On the Road Again Travel Set (retail value:  $28.00)

As I stated last box, FabFitFun gives all members a choice in something that is coming in the box.  This season, members could choose a hobby (traveler v. chef v. artist), and an item related to that hobby would be included in their box.  Very vague descriptions of the items were included on the choice page, but the brand, value, and a specific description were kept secret.  I personally chose Traveler as my hobby since I love going places with my parents.  I was pleasantly surprised that the item was a vegan leather travel set, including a passport cover and a luggage tag.  Also, the travel set is a light rose gold, which I don’t know about you, but rose gold is literally my favorite metallic color.  The only thing I feel kinda ‘ehh’ about with this set are the sayings, which aren’t really my thing.  But overall, this is a nice product to include.

Salted Himalayan Pink Salt Kit (retail value:  $26.00)

For the choice options, members also have the choice of picking more than one of the options presented for $10 per choice.  Since food is one of my favorite things, I also choose the chef option.  When I first saw the spoilers for this item (I really couldn’t help but peek), I wasn’t really too excited about a salt kit.  But then I opened my box and loved it!  It’s not only a great item to use in the kitchen, but it’s a great décor item as well.  The kit comes with a wooden base, a metal grater, and two pink Himalayan salt chunks.  I really think this is a unique item I wouldn’t buy myself.  It also came with a three month free trial to the Salted website, which is basically a cooking school with a Netflix price.  The Artist item was an exclusive art kit created by FabFitFun and Amy Tangerine.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (retail value:  $20.00)

This season, there was a second choice item between a fitness boost and a beauty boost.  The clue for the fitness boost said the item is super scented and I’m not one for really scented items.  And I’m glad I didn’t pick it because it was a post workout massage oil, which I doubt I would actually use.  But the beauty item said it was perfect for the girl on the go, and trust me in law school, I feel like I’m always on the go.  And that definitely is a great description for dry shampoo.  This brand of dry shampoo has won many awards and I can see why.  It adds volume to your hair without leaving a weird residue.  I don’t know if I would continue purchasing this dry shampoo because it’s way more expensive than what I usually use.

Cargo Cosmetics Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze (retail value:  $30.00)

Prior to getting this box, I had highlighter on my list of beauty products I wanted to buy at Ulta.  So, obviously I was so excited to see that this was in my summer box.  At first, the color of this highlight looks a little dark, but it gives your face a little shimmer and a little color (if you’re as pale as I am).  I have been using this all the time since I got it, and it just gives my makeup an extra uumph.

Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate (retail value:  $29.00)

For the skincare item this season, the box included an eye serum.  It is a light liquid-cream that is applied under your eyes to hydrate that skin and make your skin look dewy.  It makes your skin really soft, but smells a little strongly (I am pretty sensitive to things with scent).  I did see on the FFF forum that some people did have an allergic reaction to it because of some of the oils in the formula.  I have pretty bad allergies to pollen, but I didn’t have any reactions to the product.  Just due to my aversion to the smell, I probably will only use this sparingly to still receive the benefits of the serum.

Eau Thermale Avéne Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ (retail value:  $24.00)

Another perfect item for the summer!  As I said before, I’m super pale so sunscreen during the summer is one of my summer essentials.  This brand is way fancier than the typical sunscreen brands that I use.  But that being said, it is an awesome facial sunscreen; it’s matte and doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin.  Since the skin on the face is so sensitive to the sun, having SPF 50 under your makeup is perfect to prevent burns.  Definitely a great choice for a summer box!

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Stick Pack (retail value:  sponsored item)

Sponsored items in these boxes are ways for companies to get their name out to consumers.  Usually, I like to see what they are all about, but I’m not really sure about this one.  It’s made from fish scales and is in a powdered form that you dissolve in a drink.  It may be okay in a smoothie, but I’m really not about supplements other than my daily vitamins I take.

Total Retail Value:  $278.00 (+$26.00 for extra choice item)

That’s what was in my summer FabFitFun box!  This was definitely a great box for summer even though some of the items had some negative points.  What was your favorite item this season?  Remember, you can use this link here to get $10 off your first box!
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