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Must-have — Something that is essential to have or obtain."
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

Since I enjoyed writing about what's in my bag for my internship, I thought I'd share what I typically bring with me to the Disney parks.  Some of these things are recent additions to my Disney essentials, but I think they're definitely things that will make your trip so much fun!

The Bag Itself

Clearly I love Longchamp bags because I use a Longchamp backpack when I'm in the parks.  I like using a small backpack for the parks because it fits a lot of items but isn't too heavy to carry around all day.  This bag is also perfect for packing because it folds up into a small square that can easily fit into your carry-on when you're traveling to the parks.  The only downside, much like it's larger counterparts is the lack of pockets in it.  It does have one relatively big pocket in the front which is great for fitting your phone, but that's the only pocket.

My Essential Items

Minnie Mouse Ears
No trip to a Disney park would be complete without some sort of Disney related headgear.  I personally have two different pairs of Minnie ears:  one from the Disney Parks and another pair I specially ordered from Aloha Ears Designs.  The Disney Parks pair is one that a lot of people have so I like that I know have a pair that are different than everyone else’s.  Pro Tip # 1: Make sure you take your ears off before going on thrill rides, like Splash Mountain, or you just might lose them, like my dad did!

Maps, In Park Activities, Pins
This one is definitely helpful if (1) it's one of your first times to the parks and (2) you have kids or are a kid at heart.  The Disney parks are huge so maps can definitely come in handy if you need to know where the closest bathroom is (I now know where they are all from when I was younger lol) or you just want to find Splash Mountain.  The My Disney Experience app also works because it has an interactive map that can even give you step by step directions to anywhere in Disney World.  Pro Tip # 2:  Maps can also be a great way of helping you remember what you've done during your trip as a travel log!

Since Disney World was built as a place where kids and adults can both have fun, there's no shortage of activities for everyone, like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Wilderness Explorers, and pin trading.  I personally partake in all three of these activities so I carry all of those essentials in my bag during my trip.  Pro Tip # 3:  Disney pins are a lot cheaper on eBay than in the parks so buy them ahead of time to save some money!  Pro Tip # 4:  The in park games can be continued over multiple trips so if you don't collect all of your Wilderness Explorer badges during one trip, bring your book back for your next trip!

Phone Essentials
Since smartphones are now like mini-computers, digital cameras, and camcorders all in one, having various phone accessories is a necessity.  I like to carry a portable charger in case my phone dies while I'm in the park.  Two recent additions to my phone accessories are a phone stabilizer to take videos of new attractions and experiences and an iPhone USB drive to offload all of my pictures and videos.

Water Bottle
Florida is hot.  And when it's hot, it's important to keep hydrated while in Disney World.  I like to bring a plastic water bottle that I fill up with water and ice before I leave for the parks.  Pro Tip # 5:  Disney Resorts sell cases of water at some of the merchandise locations at the resort and it's a lot cheaper than buying a water bottle in the parks!  Pro Tip # 6:  Quick Service restaurants in the parks will give you a cup of ice water when you ask for it!

Pro Tip # 7:  Disney Parks do not sell gum at all as to not have chewed gum all over the park.  So if you're like me and need gum, bring your own.

Sun care is a must, especially during the summer.  I lather myself in so much sunscreen when I go to Disney and always bring more with me to the parks to reapply.  A lot of Disney attractions take place indoors so the sun seems extra brutal when you walk outside.  I always put them on right after getting off a ride.

Instant Camera
I just recently got this for my birthday and it's a total throwback to the old, clunky Polaroid cameras.  This one isn't as bulky, but still gives the old school vibe to the pictures it prints automatically.  This is great for still photos, like of Cinderella’s Castle or the Tree of Life, and it looks super cute when you carry it around the parks!

Shower Sheets
Walking around Disney World can make you hot and sweaty so shower sheets or something similar is a definite must to wipe off all of the sweat or to clean yourself up a little before you grab a bite to eat.  WetOnes or baby wipes can also do the trick.

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