I Graduated Law School!


Graduation – “Award or acceptance of an academic degree or diploma.”
-Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

Holy moly, I cannot believe I am officially a law school graduate!  This has been a crazy experience and while I’m glad classes are over, I’m a little sad that my career as a student is officially over (well, if you don’t count studying for the bar exam).  To sum up my law school experience, I thought I would share some important numbers from the past three years:

·         Courses Taken:  37

·         Credits Received:  98

·         Textbooks Purchased:  42 (but two were free!)

·         Exams Taken:  27

·         Papers/Projects Written:  32

·         Presentations Given:  19

·         Pages Read (okay, Pages Assigned to Read):  too many

·         Hours Spent in Pro Bono Service:  61 (just over what I needed to earn the Pro Bono Service award at my school)

·         Concentrations Earned:  one (Intellectual Property)

·         Tears Shed:  countless

·         Years in Law School:  three

It’s crazy to think that three years ago, I had just graduated college and really had no idea what law school had in store for the next three years of my life.  I’m currently knee deep in bar prep, which while extremely painful seems to be a good recap of most of what I learned throughout the past three years.  It still hasn’t hit me that come this fall, I won’t be stepping in a classroom as a student again, but I’m excited to see where this next stage of life takes me!

March/April Obsessions


Obsession — An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.”
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

The end of the semester has come and gone and I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone.  My law school classes, internship, and volunteer commitments really consumed most of my time this semester, but I still had some time in the past few months to find some really great things I want to share with you.  Read on to find out what they are!

1.  Athleta Skyline Pant.  These pants are my absolute favorite pants in the entire world.  I kept seeing these pants on sponsored Instagram posts from Athleta and I had to try them on.  I bought them because I really wanted a cute pair of high-waisted paper-bag pants and have worn them so many times since then that I had to buy another color.  So now I have both the olive green and light grey color and I’m waiting until the weather gets nicer to buy the short versions.  They’re made out of a super lightweight material that is really flattering on and dries super easily when you wash them.  If you’re looking for comfy pants that can be super casual or dressy, these are the pants for you!

2.  Marc Jacobs Accomplice Concealer.  I received this concealer free from Influenster to test it out.  I had to guess on my color match and I picked the color Fair 10.  I wasn’t sure about this concealer at first, but I soon realized that it works better when you blend it in with your fingers instead of using a beautyblender.  Being a concealer stick makes it easy to carry this along with you for touch-ups during events.  It covers my dark circles and blemishes really well without being too cakey.  The concealer is kinda expensive, but I think it will last a decent amount of time so that makes up for the expense.

3.  ME by Taylor Swift.  T-Swift has redeemed herself.  You may remember that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Taylor Swift’s last album.  I thought ME was a big nice nod to her earlier music and didn’t give me the super vengeful vibes that all of reputation gave me so hopefully the rest of the music on this album can make up for her last album.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out so I’d say that is a winning song.

4.  The Perfect Date (Netflix).  Now I totally get the hype surrounding Noah Centineo after watching this movie.  But as for the movie, I thought it was a super cute high school romance.  The film revolves around a high school senior who attempts to earn money for college by being “the perfect date,” or the type of guy that girls who hire him through his app want him to be for a variety of occasions.  He meets a girl who becomes his partner-in-crime and another he wants to date, but I’m sure you can figure out what happens.  Definitely the type of feel good movie that you want to watch if you just need a break from the stress of law school or anything else!

5.  Last Day of Law School!  Oh my goodness, I’m done with law school classes and I cannot believe it!  After three years of law school, the last week of April marked my last week of law school classes.  I really made sure I was working until the end as I only had two finals this semester so I had four classes where my final projects were done before the end of the semester.  It still feels really weird that I’m officially done but I’m looking forward to not going to school anymore after 20 years of school.

And those were my favorite things during March and April.  What did you find to be your favorite things during the past two months?

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