I Graduated Law School!


Graduation – “Award or acceptance of an academic degree or diploma.”
-Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

Holy moly, I cannot believe I am officially a law school graduate!  This has been a crazy experience and while I’m glad classes are over, I’m a little sad that my career as a student is officially over (well, if you don’t count studying for the bar exam).  To sum up my law school experience, I thought I would share some important numbers from the past three years:

·         Courses Taken:  37

·         Credits Received:  98

·         Textbooks Purchased:  42 (but two were free!)

·         Exams Taken:  27

·         Papers/Projects Written:  32

·         Presentations Given:  19

·         Pages Read (okay, Pages Assigned to Read):  too many

·         Hours Spent in Pro Bono Service:  61 (just over what I needed to earn the Pro Bono Service award at my school)

·         Concentrations Earned:  one (Intellectual Property)

·         Tears Shed:  countless

·         Years in Law School:  three

It’s crazy to think that three years ago, I had just graduated college and really had no idea what law school had in store for the next three years of my life.  I’m currently knee deep in bar prep, which while extremely painful seems to be a good recap of most of what I learned throughout the past three years.  It still hasn’t hit me that come this fall, I won’t be stepping in a classroom as a student again, but I’m excited to see where this next stage of life takes me!

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