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Complete — “Brought to an end.
-Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

I cannot believe I’m already done with my 1L year of law school!  I hope everyone else had a great end to the school year and a wonderful beginning of your summer.  Now that this semester is over and I’ve finally received my grades for the semester, I thought I’d reflect a little on my first year of law school as a whole. 

So I’d first like to say this was the hardest year of schooling I have ever had and it’s my 19th year of school.  I’m really not saying this to scare you off of law school; I definitely wouldn’t give it up, but that’s the truth.  All throughout grade school, high school, and college, I’ve always had homework, quizzes, tests, and papers to help go over the concepts being taught in the classroom.  I’ve also been graded on my own performance on these things.  Well, law school tosses all of that out of the window.  All of the various evaluations typically given throughout a school year are gone in law school.  Only one exam at the end of the semester is extremely terrifying and a little misleading.  You go throughout the whole semester, keeping up with reading, but seeing little benefit from your work and then bam!, a final exam to keep you up at night.  Then, on top of all of the stress that comes with one extensive, arduous exam, professors don’t even grade you on your own merit, they compare you against your classmates in what you wrote.  So even if you wrote a great essay on your final, you could still get a low grade if all of your peers did better than you.

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed the experience.  This was really the first year in a long time where I enjoyed all of my classes, even if they aren’t exactly my thing.  As a Chem major, I took a lot of classes that (1) either bored me to tears or (2) were so hard that they made me cry on a weekly basis.  Each of my classes this first year had something that really interested me, even if it wasn’t the whole class.  Now, I’m that annoying person who always says, “Well, from [insert relevant class here], I know that [insert relevant fact about conversation here] so I definitely know what I’m talking about.”

My grades as a whole really weren’t too terrible, but are definitely not at the standard that I’m used to.  I had a very high GPA in high school and college so my law school GPA is lower than my GPAs before.  That’s just something that I’m going to have to get used to and not compare myself to others in my class, which is super hard since that’s what your professors do.  After this past year I definitely have my ways of reading and outlining down.  There’s one thing I think I still need to work on, which would be to really focus on the classes that don’t come as naturally to me, like Con Law or Civil Procedure, instead of others, like Contracts or classes with professors I really understand their exam style.

Overall, I’m proud of myself for completing my first year of law school and figuring out my way of tackling classes!  I’m just starting my third week of my summer internship so a post will be up soon on what I’m doing with my summer and how it’s going so far!

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