My Journey to Law School


Opening statement-"At the outset of a trial, an advocate's statement giving the fact-finder  preview of the case and of the evidence to be presented."
-Black's Law Dictionary

In three short weeks, I begin a new chapter of my life:  law school!  Since I graduated from college two months ago, I’ve been trying to prepare myself the best I can for this journey.  Part of that included debating whether or not to start a blog to document my experience and to share my thoughts and beliefs about law school.  But I finally decided that blogging my three years could add another different take on law school that someone else may find helpful.

So on that note, a little bit about myself.  In May, I graduated from a small liberal arts school not far from where I grew up.  But my journey to law school started way before my graduation date.  Throughout my life, my career aspirations have ranged from an elementary school teacher to a forensic scientist.  However, becoming a lawyer was the one thing that has appealed to me above all others.  I really wanted to do something integrating science with the law as both disciplines interested me.  So I did what I thought would open the most doors for me; I majored in Chemistry and enrolled myself in pre-law classes.  Throughout my years in college, I realized I enjoyed learning about the laws regulating businesses rather than medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

I took the LSAT after my junior year of college and did above average.  However, I thought I would be able to increase my score but my schedule for my senior fall took up the hours I thought I could use to study for the LSAT.  While I didn’t increase my score, my grades made up for my not so hot retake.  I applied later in the admissions cycle to eight different schools scattered around the country and the top law school rankings.  I was accepted by six schools and unfortunately was rejected by two T14 schools.  Towards the April 15th deadline, I was torn between two schools (one had been my dream school my entire life while the other was closer to home and significantly cheaper).  In the end I chose the one closer to home as it had a better corporate law program and was significantly less expensive.  Although my other top school would have given me prestige points, I am happy with my decision and think my chosen school will help me become a great attorney.

Now, I’m awaiting the arrival of my orientation schedule and my class schedule and trying to relax in the last few weeks before law school begins.  Wish me luck and I’ll be sure to keep you updated through the final countdown to law school!


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