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Reward—A recompense or premium offered by an individual in return for special attainments or achievements.”
-Black’s Law Dictionary

Two posts in less than a week!  You guys must feel so special after my long absence in the fall.  If you follow my Twitter or read my last post, you may have seen that I ordered a FabFitFun box to reward myself for being 1/6th of a lawyer and celebrate the start of a new semester.  I decided to post my review of the box on here because I thought it would be a nice break from all law school related posts and I’m thinking about expanding my blog to cover lifestyle in general, but still have a major focus on law school and how my lifestyle fits into that.  Just a disclaimer, this is not an advertisement, but I just wanted to share what I got in case you’re looking into buying one (or just looking for some good gift ideas for yourself!).


So FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service, which comes during the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.  It’s $49.99 a quarter, but if you use the link at the bottom of this post, you can get $10 off your first box.  Additionally, you can sign up for a yearly subscription, which gives you the added bonus of picking which color or style you like of certain items.  Inside the boxes, you receive a variety of fashion, makeup, hair care, fitness, and fun items.  This box is a special intro box that you receive if you subscribe in between the quarterly boxes, and it comes with items that the editors of the box believe were the best from their past boxes.  Let’s take a look into my box!


ModCloth Key Loch and Key Scarf (retail value:  $34.99)


I absolutely love this scarf!  This blanket scarf is super soft and huge; it measures at 50 square inches.  There are so many different ways to wear it too, as a scarf, as a wrap, etc.  I personally wore it as a wrap over a plain t-shirt and it was super comfy and warm.  I do have a similarly colored blanket scarf already, but I like that this one has a more distinctive white, black, and grey plaid pattern.  Definitely a thumbs up for this one!


The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug (retail value:  $19.00)


This mug is adorable!  It came with two different sayings:  “Good Morning Gorgeous” or “Joy Comes in the Morning.”  I received the former and I think it is so cute.  I have yet to use it, but I probably will get lots of use of it.  It’s made of plastic, which means you can’t put it in the microwave, but the design is so cute, it makes up for that.  This item definitely gets a thumbs up!


FabFitFun Coloring Book & Colored Pencils (retail value:  $14.00)



Personally, I love coloring books so I was so excited when I got this.  The coloring book was made specially for FabFitFun, and one of the coolest things about the Editor’s Box box is it’s colorable too!  In addition to the coloring book, a package of colored pencils was included.  Part of why I love FabFitFun is that they usually include an item that donates money to charity as a part of its proceeds.  In this box, the colored pencils represented their donation to Pencils for Promise, which initiates programs to help educate children.  FabFitFun also designs the box for the quarter to reflect the charity they donate to; so this quarter, the box was also a giant coloring page!  So many thumbs up for these items!




I’m not a big lipstick wearer, or anything other than chapstick really.  However, this lip gloss/stain combo might change my mind.  It isn’t too sticky and has a nice neutral color.  Dark lipsticks aren’t really my thing so a neutral color is perfect for me.  It went on nicely and lasted for a while so it definitely gets a thumbs up from me! 

Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Hair Oil (retail value:  $22.99)



I’ve never actually used a hair oil before, but I’m excited to try this out because of the great reviews it’s gotten from other FFF members.  It has a nice smell and is supposed to soften and defrizz your hair.  I did try out a tiny bit of it on my hair and it did make it shinier, but I’m anxious to see what it does when I try it out on a larger part of my hair.  Thumbs up for this!

O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face (retail value:  $44.00)


At first I wasn’t too sure about this product.  I really don’t use many products on my face beside moisturizer, but I thought I’d give this a try.  To use it, you just spray a little onto your face and let it soak in for about three seconds.  Then, you rub it in and your dead skin comes off!  It’s kinda gross, but my skin did feel softer after I used it.  I give this product a half thumbs up (but more on the up side).


Jook & Nona Tag Necklace (retail value:  $65.00)


As with a lot of the items that come in FabFitFun boxes, there are multiple different phrases that come on this necklace.  I got the necklace which says “love.”  I’ve already worn this a few times and it’s a cute accessory that isn’t too distracting from your actual outfit.  It’s really good quality as it is 18K gold plated and the chain is thin but sturdy.  Overall, I give this necklace a thumbs up!



In the Editor’s Box, there were four different options of a mystery item and I got this eyeshadow palette.  It’s very similar to the Naked palettes you can get at Ulta, with eleven eyeshadows that range from a light, sheer color to a dark smoky color.  I was super excited when I got this because it has most of the colors that I use on a daily basis so I will definitely get use out of this palette.  Also, the retail value of this item alone was more than what I paid for the box, which is definitely awesome.  Thumbs up for this!

Zoya Nail Polish (retail value:  $10.00)


I think you guys might not take me seriously when I say I love everything in this box, but I really do and this nail polish is no exception.  The Zoya brand touts their nail polish as free from the five major ingredients in every other nail polish, and that makes their nail polish free of the strong smell most nail polishes have.  And the color is perfect for times when I can’t wear my typical bright color polishes, as it gave my nails a light pink color, but it was still appropriate for interviews and other professional events.  Thumbs up for this as well!


Total Retail Value:  $283.98


In addition to all of the great stuff that you get in the box, I also got a $40 gift card to try HelloFresh.  I’ve looked into it and for three meals made for two people, it comes down to around $20, which really isn’t that bad for that much food.  The FabFitFun website also comes with some pretty great deals online as well.  I utilized their coupon for two months free of Barre3 Online Plus membership, which was awesome because I looked into barre classes and those two free months came to about a $58 value. 


If you have any questions about the box, let me know and I’ll try to answer!  Also click this link to get $10 off your first box!

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