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Yay, it’s that time again for another FabFitFun review!  Last time, I reviewed the Editor’s Box, which was the box for in between the Winter and Spring boxes, so this is the first seasonal box I received.  After opening my first box, I fell in love with FabFitFun and decided to become an annual member.  What exactly does that mean, you ask?  In exchange for purchasing a full year subscription upfront, you get a $20 discount (only $179 for the year instead of $49.99 a quarter), priority shipping, early access to Add-Ons, and, the best part, you get to pick the color or scent of two different items in your box!  In addition to these perks, all members now have the opportunity to use the Choice option, which allows members to pick between two items.  FFF tells you the brand and the item, but doesn’t give you a picture of the item, which is nice because you get to pick your preference but you still get some surprise of the item.  So let’s get into my review!

Gypsy 05 Roundie (retail value:  $50.00)

This was the first spoiler FabFitFun released for the Spring box, and I really tried to not look at them but this one was one I definitely knew was in the box.  I wasn’t really sure what a roundie was when I looked at the spoiler.  So you know, it’s literally a giant round blanket.  It’s 62 inches in diameter (basically the same height as me) and can be used in a variety of ways, such as a blanket, a tapestry, sarong, etc.  As I stated before, you can pick the color for a few items in the box, and this was one of the select items.  I actually enlisted my mom’s help to pick these items as I wanted to be surprised by my box.  She picked (with my approval) the blue tie-dye color.  I’m not a big tie-dye person, but blue is definitely my color, and none of the other ones caught my eye.  Once I got it, I actually really liked it.  I’m planning on using it as a sarong, and it perfectly matches the color of my bathing suit.  This item definitely got me in the mood for summer!

I’m not normally really big into conditioner, but I’ve been trying more lately because I started highlighting my hair before I started law school and that really dries out my hair.  This spray smells really good, a combo between rosehip, argan, and coconut oil, and gives hair a nice softness and freshness.  One of the brands’ selling points is also that this spray helps to keep hair from getting damaged when using heat to dry or style hair.  I really like this conditioner, and it doesn’t make my hair feel too heavy.

So before I got my box, I made my mom look at the full spoilers of the box to tell me what she thought.  This was the one item she wasn’t sure if I would ever us this because of the age defying part and the fact I’m only in my early twenties.  But I tried it out after using a face mask (below) as suggested by FabFitFun.  It made my skin feel very refreshed and my skin super soft.  Don’t let the words “age defying” in the title steer you away from trying this scrub!

Milly Zip Pouch (retail value:  $45.00)

I was first introduced to the Milly brand when they collaborated with Banana Republic when I first started working there.  It’s a high end brand that sells a lot of trendy pieces that are usually geared towards the summer.  This pouch is no exception.  A lot of people complained that this bag was definitely not worth the price, but that’s definitely in line with a normal Milly accessory.  I love the blue color (as I said before, it’s definitely my favorite color), and the pouch has a plastic interior so it’s perfect to put your wet bathing suit in after a day at the pool or to keep things from getting wet at the beach.  Overall, this is so cute, and it gets me in the summery mood!

Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask (retail value:  $28.00)

A very common theme throughout this box is that FabFitFun is exposing me to a lot of things that I’ve never tried before, which is definitely a reason why I decided to subscribe to this box.  And this face mask is no exception to the list of products I’ve never tried.  This pack came with four individual face masks to help hydrate your skin.  When you first open one of the mask, the mask is completely soaked with the treatment that I felt like I was going to get all over myself.  But once you put it on, the mask is cooling and feels very hydrating once it’s on your face.  I really enjoyed the mask and am glad that FFF provided a set of four instead of just one so I can use them throughout the spring to prep my skin for summer.

REALHER Lip Kit in Neutral Pink (retail value:  $48.00)

Lip kits have been one of the hottest beauty trends for the past few months (thank Kylie Jenner for that!), and FabFitFun followed the trend on this one.  Annual subscribers could pick the color of lip kit they wanted from three colors:  Deep Red, Deep Nude, or Neutral Pink.  I personally picked the pink one because that’s my normal color for my lips.  However, the liquid lipstick is super pink so I’m not sure how much I’ll actually wear it, but I do like the lip gloss since gloss can go a little more pink and still be okay.  This one definitely followed trend, but the color choices could have been a little better.

I wear nail polish almost all the time so when I get more, it’s always a happy day!  This polish set came in two variations:  white with either pink or blue.  I got the white and pink set, which is great for me since I always wear pink polish anyway.  The formula is a little thin so it requires two or three coats of each color, and the bottles are on the small side, but it comes in great colors for the spring!

FabFitFun members had the option of choosing either a set of earrings from Luv AJ, a bracelet from Emerald Duv, or both as a part of their new Choice option.  I personally picked the cuff because I literally wear about three pairs of earrings and that’s it.  I’m definitely glad I did because the cuff is super cute and I can’t wait to wear it this summer.  When I first got it out of the box, I had visions of the exact outfit I would wear it with on my trip to Disney World this summer.  It’s not a thick cuff, but ones like that are typically a lot more expensive and this one is cute so I’m not complaining.

I’m kinda obsessed with these gummies.  The sample included in the box only had a twenty day serving of two gummies (I only decided to have one per day in order to make it last).  They have a strawberry flavor that’s pretty yummy, and while they haven’t drastically changed my hair, skin, or nails, my hair grew a lot more after I started taking these.  These didn’t count towards the value of the box, but were a great little addition to the box!

FabFitFun TV (included with membership)

So this is something new FFF has rolled out this season and it’s an online workout bank with barre, yoga, strength training, etc.  It’s included with a membership so that’s a nice little addition to the box.  I continued my Barre3 membership from last season, but this is a nice alternative if you don’t want to pay more for an online membership.

Total Retail Value:  $369.00

I definitely think this was a solid box for the spring; however, there was snow on the ground the day I got my box so a lot of the items felt out of place for the season I was experiencing.  I can’t wait to get use of out of some of the items in the summer!  Which of these items are you crushing on?  (And if you read this entire review, thumbs up for you!)

These are some of the awesome add-ons I bought with my box!

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