Four Years of blondegalese!


Birthday--"A day of origin.”

-Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary




Holy crap, I cannot believe it’s been four years (and two days) since I was getting ready to start law school and started this blog.  Obviously, a lot has changed in those four years.  I’ve now finished law school with my Juris Doctor degree, am a licensed attorney in the state of Pennsylvania, and have a full time job as a judicial law clerk (post on that coming soon!).  It’s been a wild ride the past four years and honestly, I couldn’t have predicted where I’d be this year but really who did?!


I’ve been a little sporadic in my posting over the last year, but hope to be more regular in posting content on my blog and other socials in the next year.  As in, I’ve only posted twelve blog posts in the past year, which had a lot to do with my long and somewhat frustrating job searching experience.  Again, your favorite post over the past year has been my “Dressing the Part:  A Basic Legal Wardrobe” post!  Maybe I’ll have to make an updated version now that I’m an actual attorney and not just a lowly law student.  I’ve been somewhat more active on social media, showing off some of my favorite things and shitposting about the Bachelor/Bachelorette and the craziness that happens in the everyday life of a law clerk!


I’m excited to see where the next year takes me, which will bring me to five years of having this blog!  Craziness!  Before I sign off, I wanted to say that everyone who is taking the bar exam this year in the midst of the worst circumstances is in my thoughts and my heart truly goes out to you.  Taking the exam is stressful enough and having to do so while worrying about staying safe from a pandemic or about not having technical problems during the exam is a terrible thing to go through in the biggest exam of your life.  Please reach out if you need a pep talk or if you just want someone to vent to.  To everyone, stay safe and hope you’re having a great week!

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