The Final Countdown


Relaxation--"A way to relax and enjoy yourself; something that you do to feel less nervous, worried, etc..”

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Between packing and reading orientation assignments, the past week has also been a great time to take a deep breath and relax because once school starts, it will be non-stop until Christmas.  So, here’s a few ideas to help the stress of making a big change:

            1. Go for a spa day.  After working an entire summer in retail, my feet definitely take a beating so a pedicure was definitely necessary.  Not only does my new nail color make me excited for this new chapter, it decreased my stress level of my impending change.

             2. Movie night with the girls.  I always love to see comedies that are relatable but have more humor than my daily life.  And that’s especially true right now since the stress of law school looming over me.

             3. Make crafts for your new apartment.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to this yet this summer but I always see super cute apartment decorations on Pinterest.  Crafting can be really relaxing and give you a creative outlet before the rigidity of law school.  An offshoot of this idea is to find the perfect decorations for your apartment, which believe me I’ve been doing all summer!

             4. Visit friends and family.  Since I’ve moving away from home for law school, I’ve been visiting my family and family friends as I probably won’t see them until my fall break in October.  It also made for a great reason to see if any of them wanted my dorm things from college since I don’t really need them anymore.

             5. Binge on Netflix.  This is another one that I really enjoy.  Fortunately, I get Netflix on my tv so I could watch it as I was packing all of my clothes.  While I will probably still watch Netflix during the school year but it’s nice that I don’t have anything to do.

While I’m excited to start school, finding something to take my mind off of the stressful changes happening makes facing them a little easier.  Tomorrow’s the big day of moving to another city and then later this week orientation starts!

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