July Obsessions


Obsession — An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.”
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

Wow, this month flew by!  Maybe because I took off three days for the Fourth and then it was time to wrap up my internship.  I didn’t have much time to test out new products and shows, but the ones I did were all great!

1.  Escaping Polygamy.  So, you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m a big TLC tv show fan.  This show juxtaposes the TLC show Sister Wives majorly.  While Sister Wives paints polygamy in a good light, this show shows the negative sides, like the FLDS and Warren Jeffs.  It focuses on a group of friends who left a polygamist group that help others leave these types of groups and help them become accustomed to the outside world.  This show had me hooked from the first episode.  The previous seasons are on Lifetime if you want to catch up so you can watch the new episodes on Mondays at 9 pm.

2.  Pamela’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese.  I love quick meals for after my internship or a long day at school.  Boxed mac and cheese is a definite win in that category, but eating gluten free really limits any type of pasta dishes.  Pamela’s is a staple in gluten free eating so I’m not surprised that their mac and cheese is amazing.  I found the mac to taste really close to normal pasta and the cheese creamy enough so the combination was perfect.

3.  Aquis Hair Turban.  I bought my first Aquis hair towel when I was going to college six years ago (wait what? It’s been that long?).  So when FabFitFun had the turban in their Summer add-ons, I just had to buy it.  This one is a little different of a fabric than the ones I bought for college, but it dries my hair just as well.  I love that it comes with a loop and a button to secure it on your head so the towel stays in place while it dries your hair.  Towel drying your hair helps it stay strong and not break so I’d highly recommend buying one (or more!) of these towels/turbans to dry your hair with.

4.  Maui Moisture Passionfruit Lightweight and Hydrating Shampoo.  Staying on the hair care train, this is my new favorite shampoo.  I talked about the Maui Moisture brand in an obsessions post last summer, but the prior scent I was using got a little too heavy for my hair.  This is the newest scent/type in the line and I have to say, I love it.  Between how it smells and how light and clean it makes my hair feel, I definitely can say this is my new favorite shampoo.  I’ve only found it at Ulta so stock up your $3.50 off $15 coupons and your rewards points to try it out!

5.  Four Weddings.  I realize I’m stepping back on what I said last month, but don’t we all make dumb statements.  I do have an excuse though, TLC recently revamped Four Weddings, which made me like it better.  The new premise of the show is that the four brides actually knew each other before and then rate the others’ weddings.  While it still has the element of competition, you can tell that the brides are actually happy for the others since they’re friends and family and not just random strangers.  I also like that they follow the planning process prior to the show and don’t just show the wedding.

What amazing finds did you make this past month?  Let me know so I can check them out! And if you want to see the good and the bad that I’ve tested out that didn’t make it on that list, follow me on Influenster! https://www.influenster.com/blondegalese

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