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Birthday--"A day of origin.”
-Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary


Two years ago, I started my little blog to document my feelings and advice about law school.  I wanted to be able to look back on it in a few years (aka now) and see what baby 0L Libby was worried about prior to law school.  Now, here I am two years later, and now a bunch of other law students are reading my blog too!  I’m super glad that you guys are reading and enjoying what I’ve been posting.  I’ve come so far from two years ago when I started the blog, not just with the blog but in law school.  I now only have one year left of school, and a year from now, I’ll be finishing up studying for the bar exam (crazy, I know!). 

In the past year, I’ve posted around 50 blog posts and doubled the amount of page views on my blog.  That means more of you are enjoying reading my posts, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the support.  Your favorite post over the past year has been my “Dressing the Part:  A Basic Legal Wardrobe” post!  You’ve liked my 59 photos and followed along on my Insta stories (are those still a thing, or is only IGTV cool?).  My snarky Bachelorette commentary has been welcomed whole heartedly, with my daily concerns with law school and the legal intern life coming in second.  So many of you have also utilized Bloglovin’ to create your own guides to law school, which I’m so honored to have been included in.  And if you haven’t seen all of my social medias, check them out on the right under the “Find Me” tab!

I’m excited to see where the next year takes me and my baby blog and I hope you’re excited to follow me on the journey of my last year of law school!

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