August Obsessions


Obsession — An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.”
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

August:  the end of summer, the beginning of back to school, and a good month for new obsessions.  Starting school may mean my obsessions may not be as wonderful for the next few months as my only obsession will be doing school work.

1.  Crazy Rich Asians (movie).  I talked about how much I loved the book Crazy Rich Asians in my May Obsessions, and the movie did not disappoint.  I’ve wanted to see the movie since I read the first book so opening day, my mom and I took a trip to our local movie theater to see the movie.  I thought the casting was amazing and they definitely hit a lot of the major plot points in the book; however, I did think they cut out some of the instances that hinted at what would happen in the next two books.  I would definitely go back and see it again!

2.  Marriage Vacation by Pauline Turner Brooks.  The tv show Younger is one of my favorite shows on television right now.  If you’ve never watched it, the show takes place in the book publishing world and parodies many series that are actually real books.  During the course of one season, one of the main character’s estranged wife writes a semi-autobiographical novel about her year away from her family and her kids.  While the show made me not really like Pauline, the book changed my perspective on her character.  Even if you haven’t watched the show, this book is a good read about a woman who is seeking to reinvent herself when she takes a break from the pressures of her everyday life.

3.  Goodie Girl Cookies (Fudge Stripes and Chocolate Crème).  One item I missed more than anything since I went gluten free, Oreos.  I have probably tried every gluten free imitation Oreo on the market, and none were really that great.  And then I tried the Goodie Girl Cookies version; my life was changed.  Okay, it’s probably not that dramatic, but these taste almost exactly the same as Oreos, but I don’t have to worry about feeling sick after eating them.  I also super enjoy their Fudge Stripe cookies which taste exactly like the Keebler Fudge Stripes cookies.  If you have to eat gluten free, please try these out, you’ll thank me for it.

4.  Honest Beauty Extreme Lengths Mascara + Primer.  I received this free in exchange for a review from Influenster.  I have been consistently using Too Faced Better than Sex mascara for the past few years so I was definitely game to try a new mascara.  I like how long this makes my lashes and it has a great color.  It’s also great that it’s a mascara and primer in one, which makes it easier to carry than having two separate makeup items.  The only gripe I have is that it does seem to melt off a little easier than other mascaras.  I do generally like it though.

5.  Starting 3L Year!  I cannot believe I only have a few months left of law school, but it feels amazing to say that I have made it to my 3L year.  I definitely now understand the phrase, “1L year, they scare you to death; 2L year, they work you to death; and 3L year, they bore you to death.”  Although I’m super busy, it’ not really from my school work as much as it is from all of my extra-curriculars.  I’m super excited about my classes this semester, except Admin Law (more on that later this week) and about my work that I’m doing both with my professor and at the company I worked at this summer.

What amazing finds did you make this past month?  Let me know so I can check them out!

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