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Since this week is officially the fall tv premiere week, I thought I’d write a post about what shows I’m going to be watching this fall.  I always think a lot of shows are going to be my new favorite show and then end up never watching it, except for my favorite and go-to shows.  So no, I likely won’t be stuck in front of the tv watching all of these, but these are the shows that are standing out to me now.

Tuesday, September 18th
Total Divas (9 pm, E!) – I’ve talked about my love of Total Bellas before on one of my posts about what tv shows to watch, and a new season of its precursor, Total Divas, is back for another season.  I find the dynamics of the show really interesting because it shows the truth behind the wrestling world and has actually made me appreciate the hard work they put into their shows, even if I’m not a huge fan of the actual wrestling shows.

Monday, September 24th
Dancing with the Stars (8 pm, ABC) – DWTS is one of the great staples of ABC television.  I got away from watching it for a while, but l got drawn back in by their 25th season and now I can’t stop watching.  The stars that I have my attention are Grocery Store Joe (duh), Fernando from Fuller House, Danelle Umstead, and Mary Lou Renton (I always have to root for the gymnast).  I love how creative the pros are with their dances so I’m looking forward to this season.

Tuesday, September 25th
*FBI (9 pm, CBS) – What really drew me to this show was the show’s frontrunner, Missy Peregrym.  I loved Rookie Blue so I figured that she would have a similar role in this show which follows officers in the New York office of the FBI.  I’ve always been enamored by the OG crime shows, like NCIS, but this new show seems to have some promise of being a new solid crime drama.

Wednesday, September 26th
American Housewife (8:30 pm, ABC) – This is probably my favorite show on television.  This show follows your average middle class family living in the posh suburb of Westport, CT and shows their attempts to fit in, or not, with a completely different bread of people.  I think the show embodies the importance of family and how it’s okay to be a little different.  Also, the show is hilarious and is probably one of the best comedies on tv.

Thursday, September 27th
Grey’s Anatomy (8 pm, ABC) – Ah, good old Grey’s.  I’m still sad that Arizona and April are no longer part of the Grey Sloan team, but I am glad they got their happy endings.  I do have some other strong opinions about last season (including my feelings on how the 300th episode should have been the series finale instead of just an episode in the middle of a season), but I love the new storyline of Amelia helping the young mom with her addiction and Jo and Karev’s relationship.  Shonda hits me in the feels with this show.

Friday, September 28th
*Last Man Standing (8 pm, FOX) – When I was little, I constantly watched Home Improvement with my dad.  Last Man Standing showcases Tim Allen in a very similar role to Tim “the Toolman” Taylor, but with three daughters instead of three sons and updated for current events.  This show technically isn’t a new show, but it’s on a new network which kind of counts.  I’ve been binging the series on Hulu and I’m super enjoying watching it.

Sunday, September 30th
America’s Funniest Home Videos (7 pm, ABC) – Now this isn’t a show that if I miss an episode I have to watch it later, but I definitely enjoy watching it when it’s on.  I love seeing other people doing funny/stupid things.  There’s also cute babies and puppies in some of the videos so it’s a great show to put on to relax.

Monday, October 1st
*Happy Together (8:30 pm, CBS) – This show focuses on an average couple who lets a young rock star crash at their apartment.  The wife is played by Amber Stevens West, who you might know as Ashleigh in Greek, and I’ve been a fan of her for a while.  This show is based on a true story about Harry Styles and when he moved in with a producer (P.S. he’s also a producer on the show).  Definitely looks like it’s going to be a super funny show.

Thursday, October 4th
Will & Grace (9 pm, NBC) – I feel like this show may not even need an explanation of why I’m watching.  In an era of reboots, this one feels the most like the show never ended and the reboot is actually just a new season aired twelve years after the last season.  The writers perfectly adapted the original characters into what they would be like in 2018, and I couldn’t be happier that they haven’t changed a bit from the original.  Plus, Karen and Jack are hilarious.

Sunday, October 7th
*Dancing with the Stars:  Juniors (8 pm, ABC) – DWTS is expanding its franchises much like the Bachelor Nation shows.  Having kids learn how to ballroom dance adds an interesting element to the original show.  I also like that each of the couples has a pro mentor from the original DWTS show.  I’m excited to see how this show progresses.
Shark Tank (10 pm, ABC) – Watching the sharks is one of the highlights of my week.  They’re very smart people who know a lot about business.  I love seeing the creativity of the people who come on the show to get funding and how the sharks react to their ideas.  I also love when they have the updates on the people who previously had gotten investments from the sharks.

Tuesday, October 9th
The Little Couple (9 pm, TLC) – My favorite reality family is back for another season.  I feel like TLC doesn’t know what a gem they have with this show as Bill, Jen, and their kids make up one of the cutest families on television.  Any of the drama they encounter is traditional family drama and showcases how amazing of a family they are.  I honestly can’t believe how old their kids are getting, but they’re so cute and it’s great to see them growing up.

Wednesday, October 10th
Riverdale (10 pm, The CW) – This show has just the right amount of creepy mixed with fun high school drama.  I’m still not completely convinced that Mr. Cooper isn’t the Black Hood, but I guess I’ll accept it for the sake of the show.  The adults’ dynamics and storylines really intrigue me because of the more real drama that is going on in their lives and the deep secrets all of them hold together.  I’m looking forward to the episode this season that delves into the parents’ high school relationships.

Thursday, October 11th
Dynasty (8 pm, The CW) – Wow, the first season of this show was so explosively dynamic and engaging that I’m almost scared the second season won’t live up to the first.  This show is soap opera-y enough to make it riveting, but not so much that it’s not believable.  One of my favorite characters ended up being Crystal, regardless of her position on the show as a villain.  I feel like the show’s storywriters gave her background so much to explore and I love it.

Tuesday, October 16th
*The Rookie (10 pm, ABC) – As many of the other new shows this season, I was drawn to this show based on the main character, played by Nathan Fillion.  I loved him in Castle so I hope he lives up to my expectations in this show.  He plays a rookie on a police force who is older than the traditional rookie.  I’m interested to see how ABC sets this police drama apart from others and hopefully, their distinction isn’t just referring to Nathan Fillion’s character’s age all the time.

* new shows on tv

Because of my school work, I typically don’t watch all of these shows when they first air.  I typically watch them later On Demand when I’m relaxing.  I’m also the type of person who likes having background noise when I study so I’ll watch some of the shows when I’m reading for school.  What shows are you planning on watching this fall?

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