I Passed The Bar Exam!


Bar Examination – “The examinations that law school graduates need to pass before being given the privilege to practice law in a state or federal court.”
-Black’s Law Dictionary

I am so excited to be able to write this post and announce that I have passed the Pennsylvania bar examination on the first try.  Today is also the one-month anniversary of my attorney admission day!  I will admit that I cried when I first saw my name on the list of successful applicants because I was so relieved.  As I always enjoy doing, I’ve summarized my bar prep in numbers reflecting my summer of studying.
  • Bar Course Used:  Barbri
  • Weeks Devoted to Studying:  11
  •  Hours Studied:  416.37
  •  Average Study Time Per Day:  5.89 (includes days I only studied for ~1 hr)
  • Hours Listened to Lectures:  87.83
  • Percentage of Course Completed:  100%
  • Number of Multiple Choice Questions Answered:  1,462
  • Number of Essays Written/Outlined:  53
  • Number of Flashcards Made:  250+
  • Weeks Waited Until Results Released:  10.5
  • Best Subject:  Torts/Civ Pro(MBE); Con Law/Civ Pro/Employment (Essays)
  • Worst Subject:  Contracts (MBE); Business Organizations/UCC (Essays)
I do want to include a disclaimer that the way I studied and how much time I spent doing things will not be the same way other people should study for the bar exam.  I’m planning on writing a post that is a more in-depth discussion of what I thought about the Barbri prep class and how I utilized all of their resources during my summer studying.

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