April Obsessions


Obsession — An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.”
-Oxford’s English Dictionary

I’m two finals deep into finals week with three more finals before I’m finished with my 2L year (which I honestly cannot believe!).  This month was a little crazy, but I decided to take a break from studying to tell you what I loved during this month!

1.  Late July Organics Jalapeño and Lime Tortilla Chips.  If you like a little spice and a little sweet, these are definitely the chips for you.  They’re naturally gluten free and delicious!  My mom and I are actually obsessed with these chips; we buy multiple bags at a time because the bags aren’t terribly big.  The spice isn’t too much; it’s a little kick, but that’s when the lime hits which makes these chips one you can’t just eat one of.

2.  A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2.  These books were definitely one of my favorites when I was younger; I just couldn’t get enough of the Baudelaire orphan’s adventures.  The original movie was not my favorite because I didn’t think it did the books justice.  Even though over a decade has passed since I first read the books, I definitely think NPH is killing it as Count Olaf and Netflix has done a great job adapting the books.  I also love the new storyline they added because it adds something I think was missing in the books.  If you want to relive your childhood, I’d definitely take some time to binge the series so far.

3.  Kirkland’s White and Silver Over-the-Door Mirror.  Kirkland’s opened a new store not too far away from my house so I wandered in and ended up buying something.  I never had a full length mirror in my apartment, which was a struggle because I couldn’t see what my outfits looked like.  But, I found this mirror at Kirkland’s that was pretty cheap and didn’t look like it would be found in a college dorm.  I absolutely love how cute this mirror looks, but I had some trouble putting the hanging pieces on so I’ve just been leaning it up against my wall.  It actually works because I’m so short that I can see myself with it on the floor.

4.  Girls Trip.  The previews of this movie looked so good when the movie first came out in theaters, but I’m super cheap so I don’t actually go see movies in theaters that often.  This movie came out on HBO so I thought I’d see if it was just as good as it looked.  Oh my goodness, this movie is hilarious!  I liked it so much that I made my mom watch it with me again for our girls night.  I don’t think we’ve laughed so much at a movie.  It’s a little raunchy, but the amount of raunchiness you would expect from a girls trip to New Orleans.  But besides that, I thought the storyline was really good and relatable because we all know that sometimes life causes best friends to drift away and sometimes you just need a girls trip to fix that.

5.  Angry Orchard Rosé.  I don’t drink much alcohol, but cider is definitely my favorite.  I also really like rosé, so this definitely called my name.  This is the perfect blend between the two.  Wine usually makes me so sleepy super quickly, but this has the taste of one of my favorite wines without the sleepiness.  And it’s pink so it has the perfectly girly look to it!

Something else that was awesome for me this month was I passed the MPRE in all states!  I’m so glad that that’s off my back and I don’t have to worry about it.  What were your favorites this month?

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