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After a crazy first three weeks, I thought I’d give you guys a little insight into my Fall 2017 schedule.  This semester, I’m really excited about my classes because they’re the type of classes I’ve been dying to take since I started law school.  My schedule is really great this semester because I only have one class on Thursdays and no classes on Fridays (the first time ever since I started school!).  So without further ado, here’s the list of the classes I am taking this semester!

Business Organizations

For some reason, my school doesn’t require Business Organizations, but it’s a class on the bar so I consider it a requirement.  Also, since I want to go into corporate law, it’s also an essential to prep for a business law career.  This class covers partnerships, corporations, agency, corporations’ duties to shareholders, and an intro to mergers and acquisitions.  I was really happy when I got into my section because the professor is the best for this class and really helps you understand the material.

Intellectual Property

As a Chem major, people automatically assume that I’m going into patent law, but that’s not the case for me.  However, I really enjoy copyright and trademarks more so I was very interested in taking this class for that reason.  This class is a survey course of all areas of intellectual property, like copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, and patents.  I had this professor last semester, but I think he is way better this semester since this is his area of expertise.

Introduction to Federal Income Taxation

I actually added myself to this class at the last minute.  I had a different class in my schedule but then I realized that this class would be more beneficial to take now.  When I first got the supplement, I got scared because it’s huge!  But it’s super practical for any law student to take so you understand how your money is being taxed.  It’s a little overwhelming because of all of the tax code sections and the regulations that go with them, but this class is on the bar so I’d rather learn it now.

Legal Writing III:  Transactional

In my school’s writing program, students have the choice in their 2L year to take either a transactional or litigation writing class.  Since I would love to be a corporate lawyer, I choose to take the transactional class.  This class focuses on skills used by all lawyers, not just “deal lawyers,” like client interviewing, negotiating, giving presentations, writing advice letters, etc.  I’m excited about doing what I find to be more practical writing than 1L writing assignments, at least more practical for me anyway.

Constitutional Law II

Another one of my required classes.  It’s the continuation of Con Law I (obviously) that I took last semester and focuses on Equal Protection and the First Amendment.  It also covers some other random topics that we didn’t cover in Con Law I.  I have the same professor as last semester and didn’t have to buy a new textbook so that was awesome.

I also have professional development requirements, like informational interviewing and attending professional networking events.  In addition to my course load this semester, I am also a research assistant for a professor who is on sabbatical this semester.  During college, I always had a part time job (or two or three), and not having a time filler last year made me procrastinate more and, in my opinion, not do as well as I had during college.  I’m excited to get started and make a little money during school.

For any 2Ls or 3Ls reading this and taking the same classes as me, I feel your pain, and feel free to reach out to commiserate!


  1. Ugh so jealous that your school offers a writing class for the transaction side! I want to do the same thing but my school doesn't have anything that specific 😕

    1. My school's focus on transactional/business side of law was a big reason I picked it! I'm enjoying that class so far because it's not so brief/memo/oral argument focused than every other writing class

  2. Tax will be one of the most beneficial classes you can ever take at law school. You'll be surprised how many times it comes up in other areas of law.

    1. I'm happy to hear that! Sometimes I get really overwhelmed in the class and am super nervous for my final!


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