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The start of school always made me excited not just for school supplies, etc., but it’s also the beginning of the new television schedule.  Before the start of every new fall season, I also pick out a list of shows that I want to watch and, depending on how good the shows are, I typically reduce the list over the season.  Some of these are returning favorites and some are new shows that I’m interested in watching.

Dance Moms (9 pm Tuesdays, Lifetime) – After so many seasons of Dance Moms, I’m still watching to see what the ALDC has in store.  Spoiler: I’m so glad Chloe’s back as she was my favorite dancer.  Honestly, I’m not sure how long the show will be on, but I’ll probably keep watching until it’s over.
Worst Cooks in America:  Celebrity Edition (9 pm, Food Network) - Food Network is one of my go-to channels on television because I absolutely love food.  Worst Cooks is one of the most inspiring shows on the channel because it shows that anyone can become a good cook.  Also, I really enjoy seeing what kinds of foods they have to make on the show.

Wednesday, September 6th
Total Bellas (9 pm, E!) – I got hooked on this show from its precursor, Total Divas.  I really like watching reality tv when the show isn’t totally about drama.  This show focuses on how the Bella twins are growing their empire, and it’s super inspiring to see them build their own business from the ground up.  And yes, professional wrestling does come up now and again.
Eric & Jessie (10 pm, E!) – Another reality show, I know I know.  This one also focuses on the empire that a woman is running and also how she balances it with having a family.  It also follows her and her husband’s struggles with his football career.  And plus, Eric Decker gives a dose of eye candy.

Monday, September 11th
Counting On (9 pm, TLC) – So I feel no shame about what I’m admitting right now, but I’ve followed the Duggars probably since their first special on TLC.  Since I’ve seen the older Duggars grow up on tv, it’s crazy to see them getting married and having children themselves.  Tbh, Jinger is my favorite (probs since she’s taking time to be an adult outside of her parents’ house before having children).

Monday, September 18th
Dancing with the Stars (8 pm, ABC) – DWTS is having its 25th anniversary season this season, and they picked the best cast because I actually know a lot of the celebrities.  I actually really want to take ballroom dance classes so it makes me jealous that they get to learn.

Tuesday, September 19th
The Little Couple (9 pm, TLC) – Bill and Jen are probably my favorite people on television because 1) they haven't let anything get in their way of becoming a successful businessman and doctor, respectively, and 2) Jen's style is absolutely amazing.  I've watched them since their show started and I've loved getting to see how they've grown their family through adoption.  They just seem like such genuine people, and it's great to see how their lives play out.

Monday, September 25th
*Young Sheldon (8:30 pm, CBS) – I’ve seen random episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but this prequel to it has me so intrigued.  And the actor playing the younger Sheldon is adorable and I can’t wait to see it.  The previews of this show looked really funny, and since Sheldon is a prodigy, his experiences as a 9 year old in high school are guaranteed to provide a lot of humor.

Tuesday, September 26th
*The Menendez Murders (10 pm, NBC) – One of the best shows I watched this year has been The People v. OJ (even though I keep putting off the last episode).  This show really intrigues me since it’s a similar style of show.  However, I’ll probably wait until the show is on Netflix because I don’t like waiting for the next episode in shows like this.

Wednesday, September 27th
American Housewife (9:30 pm, ABC) – Oh my gosh, I think this is the funniest show on tv right now.  If you’ve ever seen Four Christmases, the sister-in-law of Vince Vaughn’s character plays the mom in this series.  It follows her as she navigates the cutthroat world of moms in a rich suburb.  It’s similar to Bad Moms, but not as raunchy.

Thursday, September 28th
Grey’s Anatomy (8 pm, ABC) – Grey’s has been a favorite of mine for a while, even if they keep killing off my favorite characters (I’m still not over Sloan and Lexie).  Some of the plots are a little out there, but the season ending cliffhangers always bring you back the next season wanting more.
How to Get Away with Murder (10 pm, ABC) – I was very reluctant about putting this on my list, because the last season bored me.  I know it’s not really an accurate description of law school, but it’s part of what drew me to it.  I’m going to give it another chance this season, but we’ll see if it stays on my list next season.

Sunday, October 1st
Shark Tank (9 pm, ABC) – My business background makes watching this show so much fun.  I usually try to guess whether or not each inventor will be backed by a shark, and it’s fun to see if I’m right or not.  I’ve also found some really interesting new products that I’d love to try out.

Friday, October 6th
Once Upon a Time (8 pm, ABC) – I’ve watched this show since the beginning and have followed along with all of amazing storylines and not so great ones.  The Season 6 finale introduced a completely new story about Henry and his adventures as an adult.  While I’m sad a lot of the original characters won’t be regulars any more, I’m excited about the new twists OUAT will put on classic fairytale characters.

Wednesday, October 11th
Riverdale (8 pm, The CW) – I actually just binged the entire first season of this show like last week, but I fell in love with the storyline and the characters.  It blends the classic Archie characters with the mystery and intrigue of a show like Pretty Little Liars.  The first season is on Netflix so you definitely have time to catch up on the drama before the new season starts.
*Dynasty (9 pm, The CW) – This show is a remake of a hit 80s show about the dueling oil company owning families and all of their drama.  I really enjoy shows like this, which are something so different than I’ve ever experienced.  Soap opera type shows like this engross me in their storyline.  I’m hoping this one lives up to my expectations.

* new shows on tv

Because of my school work, I typically don’t watch all of these shows when they first air.  I typically watch them later On Demand when I’m relaxing.  I’m also the type of person who likes having background noise when I study so I’ll watch some of the shows when I’m reading for school.

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